Saturday, January 03, 2004

Christmas 2003

Christmas 2003
I checked into the Eurohostel, and there was just time to shower and change to get to the Vanhan Kellari when it opened at four o'clock. Hilkka was there. She is tall, blonde, and very popular with all the men at the Kellari, including me. I like to dance with tall women. I am very much aware of their thighs.
I had often seen Eija Kantola on Finnish TV, and I have most of her records. She was appearing at the Vanhan Kellari and this was the first time I had seen her live. I was able to speak to her after her spot, and she gave me a signed photograph.
But who was booked to appear on 20th January? Arja Koriseva! Could I afford to come back to Finland to see her? No. Would I do it anyway? Probably.
Next day it snowed, and Helsinki was beautiful and white. I see why Finns cheer up in the winter. I met Garth and Ian in the Stockmanns department store. Ian is now 2½ . He speaks Finnish and can understand English, but doesn't say much in it.
There was an article in the paper about Anne Mattila, who has just released a new record. She has two sisters, Anneli and Anita. It seems that her parents have a lack of imagination, or perhaps a rich aunt Anna. Two important ladies celebrate their 60th birthdays about now: Finnish president Tarja Halonen and Queen Silvia of Sweden.
I went to the beach. The sea was frozen and people were ice-yachting. A chimney was giving out pink smoke (presumably due to the low sun rather than anything they were burning). I wondered if it was a Barbie factory.


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