Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Arja is Walking in the Air

The good news is Arja Koriseva has made a new single. It is Avaruus, known in the UK as Walking in the Air, the theme from the Snowman. The bad news is that I can't get it. It is not sold in the shops, even in Finland. It is sold only on Arja's concert tour. Naturally I would love to attend one of Arja's concerts - there is one in Turku on 14th December, and Helsinki on 18th - but after a horrendous dentist's bill (I needed two crowns) I have to remain in Blighty for the time being. The single can be downloaded from but not from outside Finland. You can however listen to a 30 second clip. I must confess that I have never liked this particular song, but Arja's wonderful rich voice has changed my mind for me. The record will allegedly go on general sale some time next year.

I have also discovered that Ryanair flies from Standstead to Tampere for about half the price that KLM charges for Bristol-Helsinki. I have never been to Tampere, though I have passed through it on the Helsinki-Seinäjoki train. It has a funfair and a good selection of dance places, and the local delicacy is blood sausage. Watch this space.


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