Friday, May 07, 2010

Tangomarkkinat preview

Never mind all that political stuff filling the papers - here is something important. The programme for the 2010 Tangomarkkinat has been released. It will be held from Wednesday 7th to Sunday 11th July. Highlights: Kaija Pohjola and Marita Taavistainen on Thursday; Arja Koriseva, Johanna Pakonen, and Jari Sillanpää on Friday; Eino Grön and Johanna Debreczeni on Saturday; Maestro Lundberg and Kaija Lustila most days. Plus lots of others. The only problem is: will the volcano allow flights then? Should I try to get to Finland by train?

I said last year that the Tangomarkkinat would be in two sections in 2010: one for Finnish tango and one for international. I now know that this is not quite right: The World Tango Summit will be held in Seinäjoki in July 2011. I do not know if this will be held at the same time as the Tangomarkkinat, instead of it, or at a different time. Look here and you will know as much as I do:


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