Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tanssi tähtien kanssa 2011

The new series of Tanssi tähtien kanssa, the Finnish version of Strictly Come Dancing, starts on 25th September. Among the 10 competitors are veteran singer Anneli Sari (not to be confused with Anneli Saaristo). See her here singing Gypsy Caravan in the 1976 Eurovision Song Contest selection programme. Her microphone does not start working till 0:38 and the conductor knocks his music to the floor at 1:06. The final choice of the Finnish public was Pump pump by Fredi and the Friends.

Also competing is Veeti Kallio, another Eurovision hopeful in 2010, but more significantly winner of the tango composing competition in the 2011 Tangomarkkinat: The tune does not start till 1:44. The only other competitor I have heard of is Viivi Pumpanen, who was Miss Finland in 2010:


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