Monday, May 04, 2015

Tangomarkkinat 2015

Internet voting for the 2015 Tangomarkkinat has now started. Click on this for men:
And this for women:

Click on the thumbnails to hear a short clip. Vote by pressing the green Äänestä. Votes are accepted from outside Finland. You  can also leave a comment. Comments can be in English, but you will have to prove you are not a robot by answering a question. It will be something like "how many fingers does  a human being usually have?" but will be in Finnish.

Familiar names include Piritta Venho and Sanna Arell. Sanna was the one who made a big impression on me in 2010 with Boulevard of Broken Dreams. I sent a Facebook message to her. She replied that saying she remembered me and accepted my friend request immediately. What a nice lady. I also sent a message to Varpu Virta to say I was sorry she was not competing this year, and she also replied.