Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Arja's baby

This is becoming less of a tango blog and more of an Arja Koriseva fansite, but this is important.

On 11th May 2006 the Finnish papers were full of the news that Arja is expecting her third baby. The big day is in mid-November. In the Iltalehti newspaper of 13th May she is quoted as saying: "I have really been hoping for this baby! I will do nothing to risk the pregnancy or the health of the baby." Nevertheless her timetable has been rejigged, with dates for the coming winter being brought forward to the summer, and she is being rushed all over Finland, doing something most days. Her summer schedule can be seen at http:/// and it raises the concerns I have had before about the exploitation of entertainers. Still, I suppose she knows what she is doing and her husband will presumably step in if he suspects she is being taken advantage of.

Arja is due to appear at the Tangomarkkinat on 7th July. "Sound of Music" was due to end on 3rd November, but the final performance is now 12:00 on Saturday 14th October. I have contacted Tuija Tunderberg at the theatre to ask if Arja would still be performing, or if the part of Maria would be taken by an understudy. She confirms that Arja will still be there, though presumably this could change. An eight months pregnant Maria will add a certain something to the story.

Other celebrity news: Mira Kunnasluoto has issued a new CD. It is called "Riisuttu" (Stripped Naked). The label shows a shapely leg encased in fishnet tights. I don't know if it's Mira's own. There are no tangos on the CD. Arja Saijonmaa (aged 61) appeared in the Swedish version of "Strictly Come Dancing". She and her professional partner Tobias Karlsson, age 28, posed nude in the Swedish papers.


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