Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Golden Earrings

Kultaiset korvarenkaat, or Golden Earrings, was Arja Koriseva's first big hit, which she sang in a lyrical dreamy style. She includes a more raunchy version in her repertoire today. It is the first track on Kaija Pohjola's Tangokuningatar DVD, and is frequently heard at the Tangomarkkinat. Ailamari Vehviläinen sang it in the 2004 finals.

I have now tracked down the original version. It is the theme song from the 1947 film Golden Earrings, set in Germany in the late 1930's. British spy Ray Milland escapes from the Gestapo, and he manages to complete his mission and escape with the help of gypsy wench Marlene Dietrich.

There does not appear to be any British version currently available on DVD. I got a Dutch version from Ebay. The audio is English and sleeve notes are in Dutch. There are subtitiles in a number of languages, including Fins, Hongaars, Pools, and my particular favourite, Zweeds.


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