Thursday, November 09, 2006

Arja's baby arrives

This notice appeared on the official Arja Koriseva fansite today:

Arja Koriseva-Karmala and Pekka Karmala had a baby daughter on 8.11.2006. The baby was
born in the Keskussairaala hospital. Everything went according to expectations. Mother and baby are doing well.

Arja Koriseva is on maternity leave until September 2007. On her return she will make a new record and a concert tour. A Christmas concert tour next year is in the planning stage.

Arja thanks everyone warmly for their kind thoughts. She is not giving individual interviews or comments, but wishes to concentrate on spending her maternity leave in peace.

Arja Koriseva hopes for understanding from the media for her friendly request to spend this time in peace with her family and those closest to her.


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