Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Tangomarkkinat Preview

The definitive programme for the tangomarkkinat is now available as a pdf download from www. tangomarkkinat.fi The event is shorter than it has been in previous years: the opening parade is on Thursday, not Wednesday; which means there is no dancing on Wednesday night or during the day on Thursday. There is no dancing on Sunday either. I have always found that the most interesting and inventive dancers turned out on Sunday morning, and I have had some of my most idyllic experiences on Sunday evening. Could the event be running into financial difficulties? I only got two issues of "Tango Illusion" magazine last year instead of three; and though I have been offered, and have taken up, a renewal at reduced rate, I have heard nothing since I sent the form back with the money.

Anyway, a new event is a musical called "The silver screen dances and plays". And who is in it? Ailamari Vehviläinen! Yes, she is back in spite of everything. And if that wasn't enough, Mira Kunnasluoto is in it as well. The Friday performance is already sold out. I tried to get tickets for Wednesday, but they aren't sold outside Finland. I will just have to hope there are still some seats left whe I get there.

On Thursday is a tango seminar. One of the participants is veteran tango singer Eila Pienimäki, who had a big hit with "Shattered Hopes" in 1960. Also new is a "tango camp" which appears to be lessons in Finnish tango.

Arja Koriseva will be putting in just one appearance, on Friday night in the Tango Street. Anne Mattila, whom I have never seen live, will be in the Pop Village, also on Friday night; as will Eija Kantola in the Atria Hall. I hope they will have the decency not all to be on at the same time. Ailamari Vehviläinen will be in the church concert on Saturday afternoon, which means I will miss the results of the cat show again.

Kaija Pohjola, who has never missed a Tangomarkkinat since she became Tango Queen, will be putting in just one appearance, on Saturday night in the Atria Hall.

Other participants are Saija Varjus, Jari Sillanpää, Tiina Räsänen, Erkki Räsänen, Johanna Pakonen, Johana Debrczeni and a great many others.

I would urge anyone who has been thinking of going to the Tangomarkkinat not to put it off any longer.