Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Tangomarkkinat 2012 voting

Internet voting has started and you can vote from outside Finland. Log on to here:
http://satumaa.yle.fi/tangomarkkinat/tangomarkkinakilpailijat-2012 . You don't need to register. Click on the name or picture to listen to the person singing an unaccompanied tango. Vote by clicking on "Äänestä". You can leave a comment by clicking on "Lisää kommentti". All the comments so far have been in Finnish, but I see no reason why you shouldn't leave one in English. I mentioned a few blasts from the past in my last post: another is Anne Tanskanen. She was a finallist in 2007, when she sang an excellent duet with eventual winner Jenna Bågeberg. I cast my vote for Heidi Pakarinen, but I can see she will get stiff competition from Sanna Westerlund. Maritza Parkkinen will be picking up some votes for her sexy delivery, even if she does run out of breath. Contrary to what I thought previously, Johanna Pakonen from Oulu who is entering this year is not the same Johanna Pakonen from Oulu who won in 2002.