Thursday, January 08, 2009

Tangomarkkinat 2009 - revamp

According to today's Iltasanomat, the rules are to be changed for the 2009 Tangomarkkinat. Only one Tango Royal, who could be a man or a woman, will be appointed. This is a reversal to the original format of 1985. The public will be allowed to vote in both the semifinals and the finals.

It will be expensive to visit the Tangomarkkinat this year. Prices are rising in Finland as they are everywhere else, and to make it worse the pound has dipped below the euro in value (at its height it was worth about 1.5 euros). I am finding the situation difficult as low interest rates have reduced my income considerably. I was hoping to see Arja Koriseva in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels last year, but just couldn't afford it. I sent her a bunch of flowers instead. She gave a Christmas concert which I wasn't able to attend either. A concert is planned for September to celebrate 20 years at the top (she became Tango Queen in 1989). Also Anneli Saaristo is 60 this year and a celebratory concert will be held in Tampere in February.