Sunday, January 16, 2011

Eurovision/Snow Tango

The world's newest tango, Synkän maan tango or Tango of the Land of Melancholy, was presented to the waiting public on 14th January. Finland's entry for the Eurovision Song Contest is being selected and this is Tango King 2010 Marko Maunuksela's offering. You can see it here: If Marko's backing group looks familiar, it is because the lineup consists of Tango Queens Johanna Debreczeni and Hanna Talikainen; Tango Prince Esa Nummela; and Suvi Karjula, who under the old rules would have been Tango Queen 2010, but is now a mere runner-up. Two more rounds are to be held before the final decision is made. Fingers crossed. On 5th February, the Lumitango, or Tango in the Snow, will be held in Tampere. Of course there is no point in going unless there is actually some snow, so I am keeping an eye on the Tampere webcam and the Finnish weather forecasts.