Friday, September 14, 2012

Tansii tähtien kanssa

A new series starts on 16th September! The only competitor I have heard of is Krisse Salminen, who you will remember interrupted the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest from Helsinki with highly humorous jokes and annoyed the hell out of Terry Wogan. Should be good!

Another dance-related programme on Finnish tv at the moment is Tanssi peppu pieneksi, which is actually an American programme so I shouldn't be mentioning it, but I will. Its original title is Dance Your Ass Off (their spelling not mine) and the plus-size competitors are judged not only on dancing ability but the amount of weight they manage to lose. It is all very jovial, with no unpleasant comments about the competitors. Furthermore, the competitors are not given unrealistic targets, as the hostess, the judges, and the professionals are all a bit on the cuddly side themselves.