Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tangomarkkinat 2013 latest

The programme for this year's Tangomarkkinat has been published. It will start at 17:30 on Wednesday 10th July 2013. Highlights are: Kaija Lustila appearing twice on Thursday afternoon; Johanna Debreczeni, Johanna Pakonen, Marita Taavitsainen, Mervi Koponen, and Amadeus Lundberg on Thursday evening; the 100 Years of Finnish Tango concert on Friday evening; Arja Koriseva on Friday evening; the Tango Heat concert on Saturday afternoon; Lea Laven and Katri-Helena on Saturday evening. Nothing is happening on Sunday. Kaija Pohjola does not seem to be appearing this year. Mira Kunnasluoto has not put in an appearance for a long time. There will not be a semifinal for the singing competition. Instead there will be separate finals for men and women.
Entries are being accepted for the competiton right now. Internet voting will start on 20th May. See the complete programme here: