Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tangomarkkinat 2012 - next stage

The 75 hopefuls have were winnowed down to 18 at the Galax in Turku on 17th May. You can see the list here, together with a picture:

You will see that we still have Heidi Pakarinen, Anna Tanskanen, Eija Koriseva and Suvi Karjula. The whole thing, lasting 11 hours, was broadcast on the net, but unfortunately not available outside Finland. Next year I will have to go to Turku and see it all for myself.

There were 179 entries for the tango writing competition, 40 more than last year. Do they write that many new tangos in Argentina, I wonder? The jury has selected the 12 best and you can see the titles here: . Scroll down a bit to where it says Tangomarkkinoiden Sävellys. The most interesting one is the third from the bottom, Rakkaus riepottaa, with words by Piia Koriseva. Seija told me that this is the same Piia Koriseva who is a tv announcer and Arja's other sister. The winning tango and runner-up will be broadcast on Radio Suomi on 19th June, but I don't know if there is any chance of hearing them here in Blighty. I wrote to the Tangomarkkinat organisers and asked if there was any chance of hearing any of the others, but they said no.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Net voting finished

Internet voting for the 2012 Tangomarkkinat has now finished. Of the 150 candidates, 50 were chosen by the voters and a further 25 by a jury. Heidi Pakarinen, Anna Tanskanen, Eija Koriseva, Suvi Karjula, and Dimitri Sjöberg have all been selected, as have Maritza Parkkinen, Johanna Pakonen II, and Sanna Westerlund. The next stage will be held in Turku on 17th May.

You can see the complete list here, though they are not in alphabetical order: