Monday, December 03, 2012

Tansii tähtien kanssa final

 The final was held on 2nd December 2012. Helena Ahti-Hallberg made a big impression.

The winner was Krisse Salminen and her professional partner Matti Puro. She got 40 for pasodoble, 38 for waltz, and 40 for a humppa-inspired freestyle.

The runners-up, Antonio Flores and Disa Kortelainen, got 38 for rumba, 36 for tango (the music for this was the Finnish classic Satumaa), and 35 for freestyle. You will recall that Matti Puro won last year, partnering former Miss Finland Viivi Pumpanen. A professional winning two years in succession is probably some kind of Strictly/DWTS world record.