Friday, December 03, 2010

Tangomarkkinat 2011

The programme for 2011 has just been issued. Among the many stars appearing are Kaija Lustila, Marko Lämsä, Kaija Pohjola, Saija Tuupanen, Erkki Räsänen, Eino Grön, Tiina Räsänen, Marita Taavitsainen, Jari Sillanpä, Eija Kantola, and Arja Koriseva. Plus of course Marko Maunuksela and Suvi Karjula, the winner and runner-up from 2010. There are also performers from Cumbre Mundial del Tango and Projecto del Jazztango. I know nothing about these but presumably they are Argentine. Also Tango Primo, which is Johanna Debreczeni and Jouni Keronen. Perhaps they will be singing Finnish tangos in the Argentine style as they did in the 25th anniversary concert in 2009: but I do not know for sure. I got a special programme from the Tango Club, but you can see it all on the Tangomarkkinat website: Click on Keskiviikko for Wednesday, Torstai for Thursday and so on. I still do not know anything about the Argentine event in the week preceding the Tangomarkkinat. See you there!

The winners of Tanssi tähtien kanssa are Antti Tuisku and Ansku Bergström. Here is their winning waltz: